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VOICE LOGGER INDIA (Realtime Solutions) is leading Voice logging (Call Recording) Solution provider based in Ahmedabad, the largest city in the state of Gujarat, India. We deal in Telephone recordings products with Brand Name of ``Korecall``. Our product categories match to merely every industry and organization 's requirement of phone recording either for compliance or internal security. We Import, Sell and distribute different types of voice logging products across India and globally as well. Voice Logger India believes in selling best products and after sales support to it's clients at the most convenient and economical way. For last 14 years, we have been providing robust, easy, onetime cost, no strings attached convenient call recordings solutions.

Korecall is where customers turn for reliable call recording solution for any need. Our Call recording products are manufactured using high standards of technology and components. We design ‘EASY TO USE’ simple software solution. The purchase is also just click away from online marketplace like Amazon.

We strive to enable Korecall, the best voice logger product in India and globally. Through co-operation & collective contribution, we aim to provide affordable and quality telephone recording solutions. Today, the means security and compliance at work place in telecommunication need to be effective, constantly evolving and most important of all cost effective.

With Brand Name “Korecall” we plan to give complete telephone recording solution for every industry and organization. For more details on Korecall Phone Recorders Contact us Today !

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