Korecall 4 line USB Phone Recorder

Korecall 4 line USB Phone Recorder

 9,000 Inclusive of Taxes & Freight within India

  • PC Based 4 Line USB Phone Recorder
  • Connects between telephone lines and Computer USB port
  • PC Based program Records all Incoming/Outgoing/Missed calls to Computer hard disk
  • Lifetime Software and Technical Support.
  • Any Analog landline, EPABX extension and FCTs supported.
  • Automatic Uploading of recording data to FTP server.
  • Multiple 2/4/8/16 Line Recorders can be connected in one computer to record up to 128 lines.

Main Features:

  • Crystal clear Voice Clarity stored in WAV files.
  • Less than 5 minute installation. (If you can plug in a phone you make this work)
  • Automatically records all incoming and outgoing phone calls.
  • Incoming call display on control screen.
  • Searching of records by number, date, time etc.Missed call report.
  • 24 GB records 1,00,000 minutes of recording.
  • Records any extension on the same phone line (i.e. multiple phone connection on same phone line)
  • Support and Records both corded and cordless phones.
  • Add notes to recorded files to mark for future reference.
  • SEARCH and FIND phone conversations instantly by number, date etc.
  • All versions of Windows supported. Windows XP/7/8 – 32/64 bit
  • Life Time Software Support through Remote Desktop Software (Team Viewer, Ammy Admin)

Exclusive Features: Only available in 2/4/8/16/32 line recorder (Turbo Version):

  • Individual configuration of each line with phone number, extension number, name, department etc.
  • Live listening enabled on both server and client.
  • FREE Integrated CRM (Customer Relationship Management) to keep track of customer with their number and notes.
  • Create multiple users with access control to different features of program.
  • Automatic Backup option to network drive.
  • Automatic uploading of recorded data to FTP server.

Overview for Korecall Phone Recorder:

  • Korecall was the first company to offer a price saving call recording solution in India to be installed inside a customer ‘s existing PC. Our prices are some of the best in the industry and our reliability is unmatched.
  • All our telephone conversation recorders have a 15 days money back guarantee that insures your complete satisfaction. All hardware includes a one year warranty.
  • Korecall gives you fully featured software which gives you control over recording, monitoring, live call listening and storing from host machine as well client machine(remote) in LAN and Internet too.
  • Korecall is fully automatic solution means all the recording is done automatically. No manual operation is required at any point unless you want to listen the live conversation or recording.
  • Korecall software can be installed in as many system as you want provided the respective hardware is connected to that system. No restriction of software licence – free software.

Need of Call Recording Solution:

  • All Businessmen believe that 80% of their inquiries, orders, rate negotiations, payment commitment, dealings and complaints are made over phone.
  • These all talks are heart of your business and you often require to recall or retrieve it for disputes, quality control, efficiency improvement etc.
  • Its’ your responsibility to protect your business interest ahead of everything,

Benefits of Korecall Phone Recorder:

  • Improve your employee’s efficiency easily. A professional and disciplined conversation strengthens company images.
  • Monitor your Markeing and Customer Care department.
  • Don’t miss a call while away. It can be a new customer or order. Caller-ID features helps you trace the numbers.
  • Reduce headache of high telephone bills by avoiding misuse of phone, which saves money and time.
  • Solve disputes and avoid communication gap with customers and clients and make your relations better.
  • Give your business the advantage of “Advancement with Korecall”
  • Business/Commercial Users:

Who use Phone Recorders?

  • Small and Medium Sized Companies: Record phone, Conference calls, Debt collection calls, Reminders, Marketing calls, Threat calls, transaction calls etc.
  • Customer Service Representative/ Departments: Record your service, answered queries and support phone calls for future training/reference.
  • Stock/Commodity Brokers: Store trading calls placed by your customers on phone and verify in case of discrepancy.
  • Insurance Companies/Agents: Record claims, statements, quotes and dispute conversations.
  • Doctors/Professionals/Executives: Record meetings, consultations, discussions with clients/patients staff or other executives.
  • Attorneys: Record client calls or recall recorded conversations at a moments notice.

For your personal Users:

  • Caring Parents: Protect your teen/children by monitoring their conversations.
  • Never Forget what you and others said: Capture and store your great moments on the phone and never forget what you said again!
Weight 450 g
Dimensions 25 × 10 × 5 cm
Item Weight

907 g

Package Dimensions

25 x 18 x 5 cm

Item Model Number



907 g




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