Voicemail with Recorder

  • About Korecall Voicemail with Recorder:

    • The Voicemail with Recorder is a new revolutionary telephone voice recording and answering system that is ideal for any home or business organization.
    • It’s easy to install and operate.
    • Easy to use software interface.
    • Records all phone conversations automatically including date, time, called number and incoming Caller ID.
    • Integrated answering machine & voice mailbox records telephone conversations and messages, which you can send by email.
    • Software search engine can easily locate past conversation recordings by date, time, number etc.
    • Directly powered by usb so no power cables.

    Main Features:

    • Records all inbound & outbound calls & their details.
    • Automatically answer call with pre-recorded greetings if not picked up within specified rings.Alllow caller to leave his/her message after beep tone.
    • Real-time monitor while talking
    • Record starttime, endtime and talking duration
    • Easy playback of recorded voice files and messages taken in absence.
    • Send recordings to any email address or save to disk as per you requirement.
    • Contact list directory management with connectivity with Microsoft outlook
    • Screen popping information and caller picture on incoming calls so you know who’s calling.
    • Incoming voicemail box with 3 greeting options.
    • Ability to email voicemailbox messages for other people to take action,
    • Remote voice-mail retrieval. You can call on that number from outside and enter your passcode to listen recorded messages.

    What can it be used for?

    • Stock and Commodity Broking Houses
    • NGOs
    • Toll-Free Numbers or Helpline Numbers
    • 24 X 7 Call Centers
    • Legal or medical conversation logging
    • Collecting reviews or data for surveys
    • Telephone shopping transactions
    • Real estate or business liasion
    • Instructions from clients via phone
    • Banking and financial transactions
    • Customer service centers
    • Recruitment phone interviews and much more

    How does it works?

    • Korecall Voicemail with Recorder connects to your pc via a USB cable.
    • It also connects to your standard telephone line or PBX extension line.
    • When you hear phone rings the signal goes from phone line to recording unit and to the software on pc via USB.
    • You pick up the phones as normal and it records conversations & messages for you and saves them directly to your PC hard drive.
    • You can then play them back in software or email to your email or to any email contact you like.

    Why do you need it?

    • Korecall Voicemail with Recorder offers you the security of knowing that all you voice conversations are easily recorded and stored securely in case they are needed for future use.
    • In today’s business world it is best practice to automatically keep copies of all written and electronic transactions to prove things have been done or completed.
    • In reality most of our day to day business transactions are actually done via telephone.
    • These can range from your instructions concerning what you would like to be completed, or promises from suppliers of what they will do for you.
    • Quicker and easier than writing a letter or typing an email, the recorded voice instruction can be saved and if need be emailed to your business partner as confirmation of the conversation.
    • Use it to easily record minutes of teleconference calls.
    • Korecall Voicemail with Recorder is the ideal, affordable tool to record these important day to day transactions so they can be easily retrieved in the future for referral.

    System requirement:

    • Any PIV or higher PC with Windows XP/7/8
    Voicemail with Recorder