PRI Logger

  • Korecall PRI Logger Features: (Linux Based)

    • Active Recording with Korecall PRI Voice Logger System. Only Active Voice Logger provides extension number details i.e. from which extension the call was dialed/recevied.
    • Recording file extensions are in .wav
    • All Outgoing and Incoming calls are stored with Caller ID.
    • User friendly, fast web based interface.
    • Detailed Recording File format with (Caller number, extension Number, Time Stamp)
    • Call recording storage based on Server hard drive capacity.
    • Integration with any existing Digital PBX. (Legacy PBX with E1/T1/J1, MFCR2, BRI, SIP)
    • Enable/disable facility for selective extensions recording only.
    • No Restriction of voice call recording Time
    • Download reports in csv format.
    • Phonebook feature for displaying client name with caller ID in search results.
    • Recording file Search options based on date, time, number, extension, client name, client id, comments etc.
    • Admin & User rights and group permission for access of selective extensions recordings only.
    • Manual Backup facilitated through winscp to get recording files from server.
    Dedicated System Requirement:
    • Processor Core i3 or higher
    • 4 GB RAM
    • 500 GB Harddisk
    • 1 PCI Express slot
    Linux based solution is the most stable, reliable, robust and cost-effective solution for recording PRI line.

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