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  • Voice Logger

    1 Monitoring calls is of the utmost importance to ensuring that you're providing the best possible customer service on a consistent basis. Korecall simplifies recording by allowing you to use your existing Windows-based computer system with either a USB device or a PCI card. With Korecall, you can record up to128 analog telephone lines, PBX extensions and PRI Analog extensions with just one computer system. Our unique combination of hardware and software offers many benefits, including:

    Affordable Call Monitoring Solution - Pricing of Korecall is straightforward, so you'll know exactly how much you're paying up front. You can purchase 1 Line, 2 Line, 4 Line, 8 Line and 16 Line models. By mixing and matching, you can monitor the precise amount of lines necessary with the maximum number of lines being 128 or eight 16 Line cards.

    Sophisticated State-of-the-Art Technology - Korecall is the first call recording solution that can be used on any Windows PC available for purchase in India. Our innovative technology is designed to save you money and provide a reliable call recording solution for your business.

    Quality You Can Count On – Korecall creates crystal clear recordings of all incoming and outgoing calls. Our recorders come with a 15-day money back guarantee, ensuring your satisfaction. All Korecall hardware is warrantied for one year.

    • Powerful Software Solution - With Korecall, you'll receive a powerful software program that makes customizing recording simple and convenient. You can easily set recording times, designate where recordings should be stored and even listen into calls live. You can install the software on as many computers as you wish, and there is never a charge for the program.

    • Fully Automated Process - Korecall completely automates call recording, so you can focus on other aspects of your business. At the same time, you'll have the ability to live monitor any call at any time using the Korecall software package.

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