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  • Become a Reseller for Korecall Voice Logger and Recording Solution

    At Realtime Solutions we believe in a strong strategic partnership that helps grow your client base and achieves a mutually benefical relatiosnship.

    What we provide to our Resellers:

    Unlimited Support
    Unlimited Training for your team on all of our products
    Compatible Product (PC Based Analog Phone Recorders, Standalone Phone Recorders)
    Constant Software Upgrades and Development
    Scalable Solution For Every Application
    Dealer Pricing is determined by Reseller ’s active participation and Sales Volume

    If you currently serve clients in the telecommunications, call center, commodity and equity trading houses, franchisee, broking companies, credit card companies, financial institutions, collection agencies, manufacturers, you will benefit both your business and your clients by offering a call recording solution.

    Our call logging/recording solution makes it easy to integrate into your current and future client systems. By providing a call recording solution to your client base you can help them:

    Reduce Liability
    Improve Customer Satisfaction
    Train and Quality Control of Employees
    Increase Security

    More supported digital PBXs and phone models

    As Reseller you will find that almost all types of businesses will be interested in the liability protection, security, cost savings and performance enhancement of a voice logging system. Small and medium sized businesses will especially appreciate the software’s ease of use and many cost saving options. If you are already selling voice logging products you will find our products features rich and competitive prices.

    Our competitive advantages

    Easy to use software
    Non proprietary PC hardware
    Less than 1% return rate in over 11 years of business

    "For our resellers, we have a greater understanding of their margin expectations, and their sales empowerment needs"

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