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Korecall for Stock Brokers

Korecall Recorder for Stock Brokers

Korecall Recorder with central data server and live display for Stock Brokers, sub-brokers and Franchisee for more info..

CASH on Delivery

CASH on Delivery

CASH on Delivery Option Available from our Amazon Store

PC Based Phone Recorders

PC Based Phone Recorders

1 / 2 / 4 / 8 / 16 Line PC Based USB Phone Recorders more ..


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1 Year Warranty

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Voice Logger Solution For every Industry !

No matter in which Business you are, Telephonic Coversation at your work-place are always important. All Businessman, Professionals believe that 80% of their all Inquiries, Rate negotiations, Order Booking, Payment Commitments, Dealings and Complaints are made over phone. These talks are heart of their business and they ofter require to retrieve them. Korecall serve large industry such as...

  • Call Centers
  • Stock Traders
  • Corporates
  • SME Companies
How to Buy?

Ideas Korecalll, Stores all the incoming-Outgoing calls from all the lines or extensions with Date, Time, Number, Duration in your Computer System automatically, which will be available later to listen through speakers whenever required.

Korecall, is compact solution which was previously available to large corporates and MNCs. It is available for 1 to 128 lines.

Korecall is compatible with any Analog Phone lines, PRI line extensions and supports all EPABX you may have. Monitor your Marketing and customer care dept.

Solver disputes and avoid communication gap with your clients and make your relations better.

Korecall, is for every business. People often ignores and asy they do not need Voieclogger for their business. But we have tesimony from many businessmen, Doctors, Lawyers, Workshop owners, Jobwork undertakers, Consultants that Korecall has improved their and staff's productivity in all aspects. It's very cost-effective and has very good ROI.

Why Korecall?

Ideas Korecall Voice Logger helps in improving customer service by enabling the upper level management to review the actual telephone conversation with the customer.

Continuous evaluation ensures customer satisfaction and quality management in an organisation.


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